What Is THC Hydra? Basic Overview

What is THC Hydra?

THC Hydra (gitub) is one of our favorite tools. THC (The ‘Hacker’s Choice’ Tool for cracking passwords is well-known – especially because of its awesome ability to act as an accessory that supports multiple attack protocols. Most users would agree that ‘Hydra’ is an easy-to-use tool and a very powerful weapon.



Do you think your passwords are strong and secure? You are wrong! There are many options for protecting your password, but when it comes to Password Cracker THC Hydra, you’re done. However, you can use other cryptography techniques to protect your password or at least make it harder to crack.

It is very important to say that this tool is just evidence of concept, which gives researchers and security teams the power to see how they can protect themselves from such attacks.


Password Cracker THC Hydra

Hydra is a compatible password cracker that supports multiple agreements to be attacked. It is very fast and flexible, and new modules are easy to install. This tool enables security researchers and security advisers to demonstrate how easily it can be accessed from unauthorized access to the system remotely.

This tool is designed for legal purposes ONLY!
You will usually find information that hydra is one of the fastest logon crackers, and you will see that hydra supports multiple attack protocols, unlike other hacker tools.

Hydra supports the following protocols:

  • Asterisk, AFP, Cisco AAA, Cisco auth, Cisco enable, CVS, Firebird, FTP,
  • Oracle Listener, Oracle SID, Oracle, PC-Anywhere, PCNFS, POP3, POSTGRES, RDP,Rexec,
  • Rlogin, Rsh, RTSP, SAP/R3, SIP, SMB, SMTP, SMTP Enum, SNMP v1+v2+v3,SOCKS5,
  • SSH (v1 and v2), SSHKEY, Subversion, Teamspeak (TS2), Telnet, VMware-Auth, VNC and XMPP.


For more general information on hacking tools then be sure to visit that app where I list the best and most widely used password crackers, IP Scanners, wireless hacking tools and more! Each tool contains a video tutorial.



How does Hydra work?

Hydra is a powerful password cracker tool. For data security (IT security), password cracking is a way to predict passwords from archives stored or on the go within a computer program or network.

The standard method and method used by Hydra and many other similar tools and systems for breathing is called the Brute Force. I plan to write a post on ‘Brute Force Hacking’ in 2021 but as this post is about Hydra let’s put a strong attack concept inside this password guessing tool.

The absurd power simply means that the system starts a bunch of passwords by logging in to guess the password. As we know, most users have weak passwords and are often easily overlooked. A little more social engineering and the chances of getting the right user password.

Most people (especially those who have no knowledge of IT, will back up their ‘secret’ passwords to names and names that they will not easily forget.

All of this is easily accessible through social media so as soon as a criminal collects this data it can be compiled into a ‘password list’.

Brute forces will take a hack created by the intruder and may combine it with other known ones (simple passwords, such as ‘password1, password2’ etc.) and start attacking.

Depending on the speed of the hackers’ computer (auditors), the Internet connection (and possibly the proxies) the attack method will pass through each password until the correct one is found.

It’s not considered too secret – but hey it works!

Hydra is considered one of the best there and is worth your time as a safety professional or student to try it out.


Resources And Tutorials

Most paint / hacking tools are created and developed from the point of view, which means they are designed to help the inspector find errors in their clients’ programs and take appropriate action.

Hydra works to help the auditor find weak passwords on their clients’ network. According to Hydra developers they recommend that a professional do the following when using Hydra:

  • 1: Make your network as secure as possible.
  • 2: Set up a test network
  • 3: Set up a test server
  • 4: Configure services
  • 5: Configure the ACL
  • 6: Choose good passwords
  • 7: Use SSL
  • 8: Use Cryptography
  • 9: Use an IDS
  • 10: Throw Hydra against the security and try and crack the logon commands.


How do we protect ourselves from Hydra attacks and aggressive attacks?

There are several ways a system administrator or network engineer can protect himself from aggressive attacks. Here are a few ways. If you can think of others or disagree with the following, let us know in the comments below!

Disable or block access to accounts where a predetermined number of authentication attempts are reached.

  • Consider multi-factor or double opt-in/ log in for users.
  • Consider implementing hardware-based security tokens in place of system-level passwords.

Force all employees to use generated passwords or phrases and ensure that every employee uses symbols where possible.

And the simplest – delete extremely sensitive data from the network, split it!

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