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What is SS7 Attack | Step by Step Guide

SS7 Attack Global consumption has skyrocketed over the long term. From children who learn how to operate a cell phone before they can even deal with their professional phones with sensitive data. Cell phones right now are like a test: everyone has a favorite price.

Skills Required to Become a Ethical Hacker

As new 5G imports and expands communication to new audiences and gadgets, the possibilities of portable digital attacks are growing exponentially. While a child’s YouTube reading history may be of little interest to program editors, anyone with sensitive information or who transmits special information is at risk. All thanks to the legacy network network media meetings around the world.

The maturity of heritage agreements through the practice of hacking processes enters into appropriate conditions to allow for more aggressive exercise to expand multi-variable organizations. It is therefore not surprising that mobile malware attacks have increased by 50% by 2019, and by 2020 it is expected to continue to cause significant damage to mobile security to a significant extent.

Why not come across some of the most devastating organizational weaknesses that undermine co-ops and affiliate clients over the years: the SS7 escape stages.

Instead of targeting specific devices, complex attacks are performed across all networks. In the view of the mobile service provider, if your SS7 network protocol has been successfully compromised, criminals may know the details of the subscriber. They can access text messages, calls, track device location, and everything without your or your subscriber’s knowledge.

What is SS7 Attack ?

Introduced and adopted in the middle of the SS7, the 70s have been a industry standard ever since, and have never been more successful in decades. Outdated security concepts pose a threat especially to hackers.

The prosperity of SS7 alike was its shock. At least when it comes to cyber security.The SS7 network is widely used, and is the largest networking network in the world. As is very common, it is used by both intelligence agencies and managerial authorities. From a practical point of view, it works very well. Therefore, SS7 is a close ally of the attacker, giving them access to the same viewing capabilities held by law enforcement and knowledgeable organizations.

How does SS7 work?

The configuration of SS7 signal signals is responsible for setting up and disconnecting calls via the digital alarm network to enable remote cells and cable access. It is used to start most public calls around the world via PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

In time other applications were merged with SS7. This has allowed for the introduction of new services such as SMS, number translation, prepaid billing, call / forwarding, conference calls, local number portability, and other major market services.

Components and components that make up the SS7 Protocol Stack –

SS7 Attack

What are SS7 attacks?

SS7 attack is a digital aggressive attack that violates security vulnerabilities in an SS7 session to facilitate and block voice and SMS conversations in a cell organization. As a Medium Man the SS7 attack is aimed at switching mobile phones instead of wifi transmission.

How do SS7 attacks work?

The SS7 attack exploits the authenticity of the communication protocols running over the SS7 protocol to hear through voice and text communication. As broadcast communications experts, every digital criminal would need to successfully send an SS7 attack a PC running Linux and an SS7 SDK – both of which are not allowed to download from the Internet.

When connected to an SS7 organization, the developer can point out supporters in the organization while tricking the organization into pulling the developer gadget for the MSC / VLR hub.

SS7 Attack

SS7 Attack

What’s in it for the Hackers?

At a time when the moderator was successfully playing the MitM attack sensitive information theft scandal, they discovered the exact amounts and types of data that are commonly held for security management use. Being able to track instant calls and messages, just as gadget locations involve organizers to get important information.

General security used by many is one of the purposes of an SS7 attack. Two-factor authentication (otherwise known as 2FA) via SMS using SS7 is not complete when these SMS messages are used and the programmers see how they can capture it. As the code goes out of their hands, a digital criminal can reset your password to Google, Facebook, WhatsApp account, or your financial balance.

Risks in Digital Businesses

It does not take an expert to realize that it takes a little skill and resources for a hacker to successfully launch a criminal attack to steal sensitive information from the central MitM. With many businesses managing their communications over a cellular connection, it is clear that the SS7 attack poses a significant risk. It is important to remember that it is not just the copyright or privacy criminals who are interested in them. The growing popularity of IoT devices relying on mobile networks to transmit data extends the risk playground.

For IoT business infrastructure, critical resources can be targeted. Such an attack could result in a breach of potentially dangerous breach of confidential information as well as hijackings or hacking of devices and services that are essential to the purpose.

Considering how serious the risks are, manufacturers do very little to warn businesses that use IoT devices about the safety risks to their products. This exposes network operators to attacks by IoT devices of vulnerable customers in their network.

What can mobile operators do Prevent SS7 Attacks ?

The shortcomings and weaknesses found in the SS7 protocol are outside the jurisdiction of businesses, small businesses and consumers. As a result, SS7 vulnerabilities cannot be removed or repaired.

The GSMA recommends that the activities of a mobile organization focus on shopper schools. For consumers who are more concerned with the safety of their mobile phones and IoT gadgets they will definitely take action to get their gadgets. Especially with regard to basic applications and management such as Smart Homes and Offices.

1. User Password Security

Dual SMS verification, as there are errors, is still widely used. Security and management organizations are moving slowly away from SMS and offer a variety of strategies to ensure clients are not dependent on outdated meetings such as SS7.

2. Monitoring & Event Analysis

In the event that the SS7 network is badly damaged, organizations need to check the action during. They should be educated on safety times regarding what is happening to corporate employees such as gadgets. This should be important for any portable security system. Finally, businesses need to create a risk monitor and take action before something bad happens.

3. Regular Updates

Digital protection is nothing but setup and you fail to remember to negotiate whether you are using automation. Cybercriminals often incorporate new attempts and ways to deal with chat frames to retrieve their confidential information or recovery command gadgets. Enforcing Patch Management is basic and adds flexible protection. By using continuous end-to-end security testing, an enterprise can ensure that vulnerabilities are corrected at the first opportunity through the program and firmware updates.

What can YOU do? 

The only way to be completely safe from being attacked by SS7 is to simply turn off your smartphone. You and I both know that this is not an option. So all you have to do is “know the enemy”. Knowing that malicious activities like SS7 attacks are rampant and commonplace is just a necessity in 2020.

That means, for billions of cell phone users worldwide, the risk of being targeted by cyber criminals is likely to be minimal. But if you happen to be the president, queen or doctor with the patient’s sensitive information on their cell phones, your chances are much higher than those of the average Joe. If you are still using 2FA for banking services, you may be at risk of having your account compromised.

Considering how easy it is to carry out an SS7 attack and how much damage a successful person can do to both victims and their service providers, one can only hope that a new invention by phone will protect us, the end users. and MSPs today have a variety of settings ranging from complex redesigned VPN frameworks, to establish appropriate gaming settings.

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