What is Social Engineering Attacks ?

What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is the art of tricking computer program users into disclosing confidential information that could be used to gain unauthorized access to a computer program. The term may also include activities such as human exploitation, greed, and curiosity for access to restricted properties or to install users to install background software.

Knowing the tactics used by hackers to trick users into extracting important hacking information is important in protecting computer systems

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to some common social engineering methods and how you can find safe ways to combat them.


How social engineering Works?

How to hack using Social Engineering


  • Gather Information: This is the first step, you learn as much as you can about the intended victim. Information is collected on corporate websites, in other publications and sometimes by talking to users of the target system.
  • Plan Attack: Attackers explain how you intend to attack
  • Acquire Tools: This includes computer programs that the attacker will use when the attacker starts.
  • Attack: Use weaknesses in the target system.
  • Use acquired knowledge: Data collected between social engineering strategies such as animal names, birthdays of founders of the organization, etc. Used for attacks such as password guessing.


Common Social Engineering Strategies:

Social engineering techniques can come in many forms. The following is a list of the most widely used strategies.

  • General Abuse: Users do not suspect people they are acquainted with. The attacker can get acquainted with the users of the target system before the attack on social engineering. The attacker can communicate with users during a meal, when users smoke can join, social events, etc. This makes the attacker familiar to users. Suppose a user works on a site that requires a login code or card to gain access; the attacker can follow users as they enter such areas. Users like to hold the door open for the attacker to enter as he is familiar with them. The attacker can also ask answers to questions such as where you met your spouse, the name of your high school math teacher, etc. Users may disclose responses as they trust a normal face. This information can be used to hack email accounts and other accounts that ask the same questions if someone forgets their password.
  • Scary Situations: People tend to avoid people who intimidate others around them. By using this method, the attacker may pretend to have a heated argument over the phone or participate in the program. The attacker may ask users for information that will be used to compromise the security of the user system. Users may provide appropriate responses to avoid having an argument with the attacker. This method can also be used to avoid being detected in a security checkpoint.
  • Identity Theft: This method uses cunning and deception to obtain confidential data from users. A social engineer can try to create a real website like Yahoo and ask an unsuspecting user to verify his or her account name and password. This method can also be used to obtain credit card details or other valuable personal information.
  • Dismiss: This method involves tracking users in the background as they enter restricted areas. As a personal favor, the user may allow the social developer within the restricted area.
  • Take advantage of human curiosity: Using this method, a social engineer may deliberately discard an infected flash disk in an area where users can easily pick it up. The user may connect the flash disk to the computer. The flash disk can use the virus, or the user may be tempted to open a file with the name Employees Revaluation Report 2013.docx which may be infected file.
  • Using human greed: Using this method, a social engineer can entice a user with promises of making a lot of money online by filling out a form and verifying his or her credit card details, etc.

What is SS7 Attack | Step by Step Guide

Many of the strategies used by social engineers involve managing racism. Contrary to such strategies, the organization can;

  • To combat the exploitation of the habit, users must be trained not to change the habit with safety measures. Even people who know them well should show that they have permission to access certain places and information.
  • To combat the onslaught of intimidating situations, users must be trained to identify social engineering methods that capture sensitive information and speak with respect.
  • To combat the crime of identity theft, many sites like Yahoo use secure connections to encrypt and verify their identity. URL checking can help you identify fake sites. Avoid responding to emails asking you to provide personal information.
  • To combat secret attacks, users must be trained not to allow others to use their security to access restricted areas. Each user must use their own access permission.
  • To counteract human curiosity, it is best to hand the flash disks to system administrators who should scan them for viruses or other viral infections.
  • In contrast to strategies that exploit human greed, employees should be trained in the dangers of falling into such scams.

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