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Skills Required to Become a Ethical Hacker

Skills Hacker – Skills allow you to achieve your desired goals with the time and resources available. As an attacker, you will need to develop skills that will help you get the job done. These skills include learning how to plan, use the Internet, how to solve problems, and use existing security tools.

In this article, we will introduce you to some common planning languages ​​and skills that you should know as a giant.


What is planning language?

Program language is the language used to improve computer programs. Advanced applications may differ from applications; applications designed for data using network solutions.

Why learn to plan?

  • Hackers are a problem solver and tool builder, learning how to plan will help you use troubleshooting. It also separates you from the children of the script.
  • Typing programs like a sage will help you to do a lot of automated tasks that would take a lot of time to do.
  • Writing apps can also help you identify and apply editing errors in applications that you will identify.
  • You do not have to refresh the tire all the time, and there are many open source systems that are easy to use. You can customize existing programs and add your own options to suit your needs. Skills Hacker


What languages ​​should I learn?

The answer to this question depends on your targeted computer programs and forums. Some programming languages ​​are used only for certain development platforms. For example, Visual Basic Classic (3, 4, 5, and 6.0) is used to write applications running on the Windows operating system. Therefore, it makes no sense to learn how to configure Visual Basic 6.0 when your target hits Linux systems.

Useful programming languages ​​for hackers

1HTMLLanguage used to write web pages.*Cross platformWeb hacking

Login forms and other web-based data entry methods use HTML forms to access data. Being able to write and translate HTML, it makes it easier for you to identify and apply the weaknesses in the code.

2JavaScriptClient side scripting language*Cross platformWeb Hacking

JavaScript code is used for client browsing. You can use it to read stored cookies and create site scripts etc.

3PHPServer side scripting language*Cross platformWeb Hacking

PHP is one of the most widely used web programming languages. It is used to process HTML forms and perform other custom functions. You can write a custom application in PHP that fixes the settings on the web server and makes the server more vulnerable to attack.

4SQLLanguage used to communicate with database*Cross platformWeb Hacking

Using SQL injection, override weak web application login algorithms, delete data from databases, etc.





High level programming languages*Cross platformBuilding tools & scripts

They work well when you need to upgrade automation tools and documents. The information obtained can be used to understand and customize existing tools.

6C & C++High level programming*Cross platformWriting exploits, shell codes, etc.

They work best when you need to write your Shell codes, exploits, root kits or understand and expand existing ones.



Visual Basic


Other languagesJava & CSharp are *cross platform. Visual Basic is specific to WindowsOther uses

The usefulness of these languages ​​depends on your situation.


Cross platform means that programs developed using a particular language can be distributed to various applications such as Windows, Linux based, MAC etc.


Other Skills Hacker

In addition to planning skills, a good giant should also have the following skills:

  • Learn how to use the Internet and search engines effectively to gather data.
  • Get a Linux-based operating system and know the basic instructions that every Linux user should know.
  • Practice makes perfect, a good giant has to work hard and have a positive impact on the hacker community. He can contribute by building open source programs, answering questions on hacking forums, etc.

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